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Why is my blog called Inhuman Swill? Because you can unscramble the pieces to make William Shunn.

Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious
I got the best Valentine's Day present from Laura. I couldn't wait to try it on and have her take a picture. (All I got her was a lousy iPod.)

If you don't know the provenance of this tasty truism, wake up, son, and smell the cupcakes.

Double true!

(Posted as promised to [info]asphalteden.)

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I spent a nastily pleasant evening out at Tribeca Cinemas last night, attending a screening of indie horror flick Headspace. My Science Fiction Weekly review is here:

Everyone I met last night before the show was very interesting to talk to: the film's New York publicist, the film's 26-year-old (!) director, the film's star's girlfriend working behind the publicity table, the friend and hanger-on to all the crewmembers. Nice bunch of people. I'm glad I enjoyed their movie.

(The film's star himself, Christopher Denham, was not there due to his role in Adam Rapp's Red Light Winter at the Barrow Street Theater. I've seen ads for this play all over in subway stations, but it was the friend and hanger-on [who might have been hitting on me but probably wasn't because I only ever figure out in retrospect that I've been hit on and this time I thought I was being hit on as it was happening] who pointed out that there are naked women subtly worked into the backgrounds of the Red Light Winter posters. I examined one this morning on the way to work. Sure enough.)

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I'm not sure how Tangent gets its hands on Asimov's so early (the electronic version, maybe?), but they already have a review of the April/May double issue up. Besides mine, also very well-reviewed are stories by Paul Melko and Greg van Eekhout, fellow Blue Heaven 2006 attendees. Bilmo humbly exhorts you to check it out.

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February's CD mix of the month

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Mamma mia, thatsa lotsa snow!

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The role of a new machine

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As promised last week, my review of Heddatron is now live at

Despite the review, an evening spent at Heddatron is not without its compensations (one of the chief being the theater's proximity to Lupe's East L.A. Kitchen, which might be the city's best little Mexican joint). Despite my dissatisfaction, I smiled and laughed all the way through, and Laura thoroughly enjoyed the show.

But those damn robots! Agh!

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The stage of steel

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Tonight Laura and I go to see Heddatron at HERE. It's more or less "Hedda Gabler" with robots. Real robots. Live on stage.

Well, not live robots, of course, but live robots, you see:

Les Freres Corbusier continues its irreverent massacre of historical icons and academic esoterica by taking on famed playwright Henrik Ibsen, the well-made play, and contemporary issues in robotics. Ibsen is thwarted by August Strindberg and his kitchen slut throughout his fevered struggle to write the great feminist drama, Hedda Gabler, while a contemporary housewife in Michigan is abducted by robots and forced to perform Ibsen's masterpiece over and over again...

With real functioning robots portraying half of the parts, alongside humans who will play the other half, Heddatron will be one of the first theatrical productions to use functional robots as actors. Employing robotic automation and text-to-speech software, humans will perform opposite a hunky Lovborg-bot, a clunky Tessman-bot, as well as blinking, smoking, and whirring co-stars who portray Judge Brack, Aunt Julie, and the rest of Ibsen's menagerie.

You might have caught the New York Times story about the show last week. The robots of Heddatron have been created specifically for this production by Botmatrix, which sounds like a whole collective of Susan Calvins.

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Bill's new podcast—"William Shunn's ShunnCast"—is now listed in the iTunes Music Store. Only a handful of new episodes will be released each year, and by subscribing now you can be sure the latest is always automatically delivered to your iPod.

"William Shunn's ShunnCast" currently features selections from Bill's past appearances on WBAI's "Hour of the Wolf," with short stories, personal essays, conversation, music, and more. And best of all, it's 100% free!

Visit Bill's podcasting page now for more information, and to subscribe to "ShunnCast" today.

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Bilmo on your iPod

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Hey, I have a podcast!

Not that I will ever update it with any frequency whatsoever, but if you subscribe you might possibly end up having a ShunnCast appear as if by magic on your iPod once or twice a year. Maybe.

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Painting with fire

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I just turned on the TV to discover a documentary on Frank Frazetta on IFC. It's called Frazetta: Painting with Fire, and it will be on again at 6:00 am tomorrow, not to mention several other times this month.

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