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Though it is widely known among our circle of friends that Laura and I were married on television, few are they who have actually seen the episode of the obscure series in question.

Yes, we appeared in an episode of the Travel Channel series Two for Las Vegas which aired early in 2002. Yes, the episode ran several times that year. No, you can't see it now because Laura has always vetoed my requests for permission to post the episode to YouTube.

Except that today, on the occasion of our fifteenth wedding anniversary, egged on by numerous voices on Facebook, Laura relented. So now you can watch this lost classic of the small screen. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll become a part of you.

But hurry because she might change her mind any moment now.

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Laura and Bill cut the cake, Las Vegas, 30 June 2001
Fifteen years ago today, I somehow had the remarkable good fortune of marrying the smartest, most adventurous, funniest, most beautiful woman in the world. (Television could not have designed a better wedding. Literally. The wedding was on television.)

Today, I have the remarkable good fortune of still feeling that way. Thank you, Laura, for fifteen-plus years of adventure, challenge, joy, surprise, growth, puppy snorgles, forgetting important dates, and never being bored.

I love you, Laura.

(I think this is the part where Laura would want me to tell the NPR listening audience, "She could be a real bitch sometimes." Oh, wait, I was supposed to save that for your eulogy? My bad.)

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The best thing I ever did

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Walking down the aisle
Exactly ten years ago today, I did the best thing I ever did. That's the day I married the warm, witty, wonderful Laura Chavoen. There are plenty of things I would do over in my life if I could, but if not doing them meant switching over to some alternate timestream never reaching that best moment ever, well, I'd do every one of those stupid things again, just so I could get to that one smartest, best thing.

I've written elsewhere about how Laura and I met and started dating. I'm not sure I've written about how our wedding came to be aired on the Travel Channel, but that's a story I'll tell another day. All I really want to say today is that I could not be more fortunate than to be charging headlong into the future with the smart, funny, beautiful partner that I have. She keeps treating each new year as an adventure, and she keeps pushing me to do the same. And I'll tell you what else—there's no one I'd rather be stranded without a visa at the Egyptian border with.

Often when we're listening to the news in the morning and they're running an obituary and people are talking about what a wonderful, selfless person the deceased was, Laura will say, "If I die, don't sugarcoat anything. Tell the radio, 'She could be a real bitch sometimes.'" Well, I look forward to another umpteen decades of hearing Laura say that while we're listening to an obituary on the radio. And me saying back, "You know, you're not that big a bitch."

She says she likes it when I'm sassy. Which is only one of the reasons I love her.

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Viva Las Vegas!

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Wedding pics now available!

There are no captions yet, but most of the pictures speak for themselves.

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