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"West Loop Cityscape"

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As owners ourselves of a couple of Kevin Swallow, we want to congratulate the owners of this beautiful new painting (which I've had the privilege of seeing up close):

And congratulations to Kevin for completing such an elaborate, detailed, and beautiful commission!

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We are attending the opening of artist Edie Nadelhaft's new show "Cuddle" at BAMA Galleries in Hoboken tomorrow evening. You should too.

Edie's a friend of ours, but we love her work over and above the obligations of friendship, and we wouldn't preach what we don't practice. If you've ever seen the large painting of Gerber daisies that hangs in our salon, which I bought for Laura one Christmas, then you've seen Edie's work. Over the years the subjects of her paintings have included barbed wire, chains, body parts, jacks, panties, flowers, cows, and now those cuddly, lovable flies.

I can't wait to see these new paintings in their lifesize incarnations, and I hope we'll see you there too.

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Painting with fire

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I just turned on the TV to discover a documentary on Frank Frazetta on IFC. It's called Frazetta: Painting with Fire, and it will be on again at 6:00 am tomorrow, not to mention several other times this month.

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