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Mixed signals

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So Laura and I met up after work down in Wicker Park, so we could each buy some jeans at the Levi's Store. Sadly, we left the store jeanless. (Well, I did still have on the ones I wore in.) I should have remembered this, but the Levi's Store only stocks sizes suitable for pipe-cleaner people, because of course there is no such thing as a tubby hipster.

The scales were somewhat balanced, though, by:

  • the man who crossed the street while Laura was waiting for me in front of the store to tell her how strikingly beautiful she was and how lucky her husband was.
  • the hostess at Piece Brewery and Pizzeria who carded us both.
  • the waitress who told me how cool my glasses were.
  • the drunk who apologetically addressed me as "young man" after not bumping into me (though he seemed convinced he had).
So all in all, last night was a push. And there was pizza and beer.

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Varying the 'stache

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Wild Bill
The morning I found out about the AC/DC ticket snafu, I was very upset. Finding replacement tickets on StubHub helped, but didn't lift my (back in) black mood. It took a special delivery to accomplish that.

What arrived in the mail was a Sinclair Edwardian club collar shirt and a red Baker City vest. I tried them on immediatetly, and they fit perfectly. I looked like Deadwood had ordered me up from Central Casting.

Together with the black tuxedo jacket Laura found me on eBay, and this facial hair I've been cultivated, my getup for the "old timey" wedding in London this weekend is complete. And what's more, I have my Halloween costume too. No, you're never too old or too male to play dress-up.

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