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Street hockey!

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I'm trying out the new tag with this little video Laura took on Sunday afternoon. When your street is blocked off for blackout repairs, what else are you going to do but...

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The blurb in this Gawker

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The blurb in this Gawker entry literally made me laugh out loud. And the video's not so bad either:

Queens Politicians Stick "Kick Me" Sign On Mayor's Back

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And we're back

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When I was walking home from the subway last night, I rounded the corner to see ConEd crews working on my very own street. My pulse quickened. Before I reached home, a neighbor had called out to me that our power was back.


I ran around the apartment (after greeting the ecstatic pup) turning on everything. Then I turned most things back off, not wanting to tempt fate. I text-messaged Laura, who confessed to getting a little misty at the news.

This morning, I shaved for the first time in a week. There was light in the bathroom!

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Heckuva job, Burkie!

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New York Times: Mayor Continues to Defend Chairman of Con Edison

"I think Kevin Burke deserves a thanks from this city," Mr. Bloomberg said. "He's worked as hard as he can every single day since then, as has everybody at Con Ed. And it’s easy to go criticize but once this happened, Con Ed has been doing everything they can to bring it back. And I don't think that I could have gone in and done any better."
First of all, doing everything they can to bring power back is not the sole criterion for doing a good job. Con Ed failed miserably at preventing this disaster, and then they underestimated the scope of the problem for days. That doesn't exactly merit thanks.

Second, who cares if Bloomberg couldn't have done a better job? He's a broadcast mogul and a (sometimes decent) mayor. He's not the head of a major metropolitan utility and never has been. So forgive me if I'm making a jacking-off gesture in Bloomie's direction.

And third, as someone on the Times message board observed: "You're doing a heckuva job, Burkie!"

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Still without full power

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The first photo says it all:

Gothamist: Queens Blackout, Day 8

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