The wedding of the (2002) television season!

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Though it is widely known among our circle of friends that Laura and I were married on television, few are they who have actually seen the episode of the obscure series in question.

Yes, we appeared in an episode of the Travel Channel series Two for Las Vegas which aired early in 2002. Yes, the episode ran several times that year. No, you can't see it now because Laura has always vetoed my requests for permission to post the episode to YouTube.

Except that today, on the occasion of our fifteenth wedding anniversary, egged on by numerous voices on Facebook, Laura relented. So now you can watch this lost classic of the small screen. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll become a part of you.

But hurry because she might change her mind any moment now.

Fun Fact! The other couple in this episode were named Shelby and Brian. But "Brian" was misspelled in the original published episode description, so Laura and I have referred to them ever since as Shelby and the Brain.

Other Fun Fact! After spending a couple of days with us, the producer of the episode told us that we were the coolest couple who'd been on the show—almost too cool for the show. (Almost.)

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