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Trump vs. Bernie (Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian)
Bill vs. Trump vs. Laura (Anthony Atamanuik, middle)
But Bengt Washburn is not my only comic friend you should be paying attention to.

Anthony Atamanuik (perhaps best "known" as a Silent Writer on "30 Rock") is the other hardest-working man in comedy. He's been touring the country lately in the persona of Donald Trump, debating James Adomian's Bernie Sanders in the sharpest, funniest piece of political comedy I've seen in a long time.

You should see them live if you can—there are still a few dates remaining on the tour—but the great news for Anthony and James and all of us is that, according to The Wrap, Fusion is launching a "new cross-platform video series that will see the Republican billionaire and the Democratic socialist senator argue over the issues driving the 2016 presidential election."

Fusion's "Trump vs. Bernie" partnership kicked off last night with a hilarious Facebook livestream of Trump and Sanders kicking it together in a hotel room as the Super Tuesday returns rolled in.

They're comic geniuses, disciplined and anarchic at the same time, as you can tell from the CNN clip below, in which Brooke Baldwin (in over her head) tries desperately to conduct a dignified interview with the two of them.

The one sure thing to celebrate in this election year is that we'll have plenty chances more to laugh through our tears.

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