The new draft of THE ACCIDENTAL TERRORIST is done, and I have a question for you


I don't remember whether or not I reported this on Twitter and Facebook, but I know I haven't mentioned it here on the blog. The latest revision of The Accidental Terrorist is finished!

I completed this new, significantly revised draft on March 29. Over the next week I glanced at it from time to time, fixing bits and tinkering a little, but overall I'm pretty happy with it—happier than I've been with any of the previous drafts. Last week I sent the manuscript to Juliet Ulman, my brilliant editor. Hopefully I'll have my final revision notes before the end of May, and then a final draft of the book that I can get to my copy editor before mid-summer.

This book is happening, friends.

Now a question for you. I'm going to put the book out in trade paperback form, as well as various flavors of ebook. I've been toying with the idea of making a signed hardcover version available as well, for a little extra money, but I would have to place a bulk order for those to make it financially worthwhile, and that would mean having people place pre-orders so I know how many to print.

So, would any of you be willing to pre-order a signed hardcover edition? And if so, what's the most you'd be willing to pay? Your answers will let me crunch the numbers and see if this idea is even feasible.


As for how much I'd be willing to embarrassingly high amount.

I'll buy one.
-Josh in Astoria

The Schnuth household would definitely want at least one. Perhaps another one to gift to my ex-Mormon mother, as well.

I haven't purchased a hardback book from anywhere that's not Amazon (or in an Embarrassingly Long Time, so I'm not sure what a reasonable price is for a signed hardback, but I'd probably pay whatever it cost.

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