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Hi, gang! Laura and I are happy to announce that the new Ella calendar for 2015 is available now from It features thirteen months of all your favorite Ella photos from from the past year—all right, all right, our favorites—and for a limited time you can get it for the discounted price of only $11.99 plus shipping and handling. What a fetching bargain!

Click below to buy now, and you can keep Ella-porting around NYC with your favorite soft-coated wheaten terrier all year long.

Ella-Portation 2015 13-Month Calendar

Ella-Portation 2015 13-Month Calendar

Ella's playing hopscotch
Ella's hanging out with Ella
Ella's interrupting a snow angel

But that's not all! If you just can't get enough of Ella, we've created an alternative calendar for 2015—actually, it's our 2015 Ella-Ternative 13-Month Calendar! Same great low price! Thirteen different super-cute photos!

2014 Ella-Ternative 13-Month Calendar

Ella's in the Pretty Gang
Ella's pensive
Ella's a reindeer

Ella says, "Rowf!" (By which she means "Get 'em both!")

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