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I have an apology to make. It's been called to my attention that for the past several days I've been splashing a word around my blog, podcast, Facebook page, and Twitter stream that many people find offensive.

No affront nor slur was intended, yet I have come to realize that in the 21st century such hurtful relics of a benighted past have no place amongst us—not in civil discourse, not in right-thinking minds, and certainly not in popular culture.

There is no room on our airwaves for the employment of any sense of this word that could be construed as imputing fun, cuteness, or endearment to such a condition as this term pejoratively describes.

No self-respecting purveyor of books should allow any volume adorned with such a term to disgrace its shelves.

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

And furthermore, any collective artistic endeavor of entertainment that dares apply this denigrating term to itself in part or in whole should be banned, shunned, and otherwise made to wander without end in the wilderness of pariahdom. Really, do we want our children exposed to corruption like this?

Let me repeat more vigorously, only brutes and clods would march into the arena of entertainment under a banner emblazoned with such a rubric.

Please don't fall into this same trap I did and allow yourself to perpetuate such perversity.

Again, my deepest apologies for such unthinking, archaic belittlement. Now I must lie down. I find myself overcome by the vapors.

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