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A few months ago, my jaw popped out of place on the right side. Suddenly my molars no longer fit together on either side of my bite. A month or so later, my jaw went back into place for a few hours, but it didn't last. It's still out of place.

I went to my doctor early on, who sent me to my dentist. He told me my bite problem, with a left-to-right sliding displacement, was pretty rare in his experience. He sent me out to get a panorex and i-CAT 3D scan of my head so he could figure out what my options might be.

Upon reviewing the results of the scan, my dentist told me there was very little he could do to try to fix my bite short of making crowns for half my teeth. My best option, he said, was to consult an oral surgeon, who would take the scans and work out the best way to cut my jaw apart and reassemble it into something with a proper bite.

I suspect that my dentist wasn't really listening to me all the times when I told him that the problem had come on suddenly. I hope the oral surgeon I talk to is a better listener, and has a better solution than turning my skull into a jigsaw puzzle. I've never had many dental problems, and I find the idea of surgery both extreme and terrifying. I've never had to have surgery of any kind before.

Has anyone out there had a similar bite problem, or been through oral surgery that required a hospital stay?


I know a lot of people consider them woo-woo medicine, but before you go under the knife or have a lot of serious things done, I suggest trying a chiropractor first and maybe also acupuncture. Check Yelp for positively reviewed chiropractors/acupuncturists in your area. Given what you've got going on I don't think it could make anything worse and it might help without surgery.

BTW, you may have this: It seems like it's relatively common issue; I know several people who have it, and I have some mild symptoms a chiropractor has helped me with.

Any chiropractor worth his/her salt will know what this is and should have some ideas how they can help.

Let me know how it goes!

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