Hey, New Yorkers! Go see Laura Peterson Choreography this weekend!

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I've mentioned this recently, but just as a reminder to all you lucky folks in New York City, go see our good friend Laura Peterson's new show Forever at Dance New Amsterdam, this weekend. It's still running, tonight through Sunday. We usually come to town to see every new Laura Peterson show, but this time we're unable, so you have to represent.

This is a bit of what Dance View Times had to say about Forever:

"Modern Dance is Modern Art." That's what Laura Peterson tells her dance students, and it's a teaching she follows rigorously in her company's new work, "Forever." This is dance strictly as a visual object, the elements being four dancers in four colors, moving on a white oval floor, among four faux Grecian columns and a mirrored rear wall. The set is vaguely reminiscent of the modernist paintings of Dali or de Chirico, but the dancing itself is even more abstract. Always a minimalist, Peterson makes art by strictly limiting her choices. In "Forever" there's no emoting, no acting or miming, not even any touching. It's just snippets of movement, driven by sound....

Not incidentally, "Forever" is a pleasure to watch. You can take it simply as a kaleidoscope, with the sound score acting as the engine to turn the lens and set off a new series of changes every two minutes or so.... The point of "Forever" could be that when human beings hear sound in rhythm, they have to move, and that's what makes the river run.  [full review]

We've made some of you come with us to her shows before, so you already know to expect a pure spectacle you wouldn't expect from modern dance. Here's a sample, exactingly performed to the music of Lumberob:

[direct link to video]

So get tickets already! Go!

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We TOTALLY enjoyed your Abu Simbel account! We were ROLLING!!

We are planning our trip to Egypt and would LOVE to hear..or read more about your experience and recommendations!

Thanks! Sheila & Bernie

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