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Some questions for you other full-time writers out there. What are your work habits? How long a day do you write? Do you keep regular hours? Where do you work? How do you keep yourself going? What do you do when you get stuck?

I guess I'm not managing the transition well very yet, and I'm looking for some pointers.

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Hi Bill,

I'm not exactly doing this full time now, but I did back in, er, well back then.

My work schedule didn't change that much from when there was Day Job, the time just expanded. I work in the early morning. So I spend mornings till eleven writing, stop for lunch, then do chores around the house, read, etc.

Getting stuck was always cured by having multiple projects going at once and moving from one to the next. Or by watching a movie or walking the dog.

At present I have a part time job, so the afternoon part of the above is different. I'm stuck now, however, because (a) I seem to have forgotten how to finish a short story and (b) my career is more or less in the toilet after the Meisha Merlin meltdown. But I suspect that when I sell another book, things will proceed pretty much as before.

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