Don't let the mothers get you down


"Hello, and what seems to be the problem with your 1-800-FLOWERS online order, sir?"

"Well, I'm not really sure. All the voicemail told me was there was a problem and I should call."

"All right, sir, I can help you with that. Let me just look up your order. One moment."

"Thank you."

"Okay, sir, um, well, it seems the problem is that the florist can't print that word on the card."

"Ah, makes sense, okay, I see."

"Is there, um, something we can change that word to, sir?"

"Well, how about just 'mothers'? Will that work?"

"Yes, sir, 'mothers' will work fine. Let me just make that change. We'll get this back to the florist and get your order out right away."

"Thank you very much."

"Thank you for using 1-800-FLOWERS, sir. Have a nice day."

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I must say that I enjoyed The Wenatchee Rap and am looking forward to your next audio endeavor.

I've never used 1-800-Flowers. Would you recommend the service?

I suppose they have the right to censor messages that might make them look irresponsible, but if you provide a name and credit card number it seems like the blame would be solely on you. Sounds like they wussed out.

I like 1-800-FLOWERS quite well, and have had much better luck with them than with Proflowers. In fact, this is the first problem I ever remember having.

But even so, I was half-expecting my note to give the company a problem (I was surprised, in fact, that the web site didn't reject the message), so I wasn't as distressed by the way things played out as one might think.

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