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In other braggable news, my personal trainer insisted I brag to someone that I did 27 tricep pushups on my toes in tonight's session. Not all at once, though. In my first set, I did 12 on my toes and 13 on my knees. In my second set, I did 15 on my toes and 10 on my knees. This was between bouts punching and kicking the water bag and doing different sorts of crunches.

I've mentioned before that Laura and I are seeing a personal trainer to combat what I call "Chicago spread." Since starting about two months ago, I've gone from 217.5 lbs to 201.5. My all-time high two years ago, immediately after returning from Blue Heaven 2006, was 231.5. I am 2.5 lbs away from getting back to where I was on my wedding day, and I plan to keep going down from there. So expect more shouting when I'm down under 199.

And now I'm very self-conscious about talking about my workouts, so I'll stop.

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