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I have quite a backlog of little items I've made notes about that I've meant to blog over the past couple of months, and maybe today or soon I'll start getting to most of them. Though before I get to the one immediately at hand, I just have to note that outside right now is raging the SECOND snowstorm of spring.

Now to the main monkey business. Laura and I are heading to New York tomorrow to spend a lazy weekend. The prime motivator of our trip is to see our friend Laura Peterson's new dance program Electrolux, at DNA (280 Broadway). You should come too. Seriously. Go buy tickets. The run starts tonight and ends Sunday.

Electrolux might look something like this rehearsal footage:

Or this showing:

Laura's previous show, I Love Dan Flavin, was beautiful, brutal, and awe-inspiring. As we watched (and we went twice), we could see the dancers' feet becoming bloody. Check this out (though you'll have to imagine the Kraftwerk soundtrack that is missing from the video):

We're going Saturday. If you miss out, you won't have to kick yourself because I just did it for you.

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