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A new natural gas setback here this morning. This time the leak is in a pipe in our front clothes closet. The pipe comes up through the basement, takes a bend through an elbow joint, and goes through a wall into the closet with our furnace. Well, the horizontal pipe going to the furnace runs at a bit of an angle to avoid another pipe, and that means the elbow joint isn't perfectly sealed.

We had thought we smelled gas in that closet occasionally, but this time the smell was unmistakable. The guys from Peoples Gas wouldn't touch this repair. Instead, they locked off our gas meter and issued a ticket. This forces the landlord to get the pipes fixed pronto, which in this case means he's got a guy coming at 2:00 pm.

Until then, Ella and I are bundling up and huddling together for warmth. At least it's gotten up to 23 degrees today. That's better than it's been the past couple of days. Still, my fingers a bit on the stiff and freezy side.

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