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The best part about this news story from the UK...

Stripper Spanks Teen In Surprise Blunder

A teenage schoolboy was pulled around his classroom on a lead and spanked by a stripper after a birthday surprise blunder.

The pupil's mum had ordered an agency to give her son a "surprise" on his 16th birthday—and the teacher had even agreed to film the prank.

But it all went wrong when the unnamed company sent a stripper dressed as a policewoman instead of a "gorillagram"—in what it called a booking error....  [full article] that no one was suspended. Suspended? In the US, some school official would probably have lost his job by now, and the family would have been run out of town. Not to mention that someone would sue someone somewhere.

(This story sounds like a pilot episode for Coupling Jr. Poor teen Jeff! Um, who was the bright bulb who thought they could bring that show successfully to American network TV?)

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The main problem I saw with the American version of Coupling (aside from the actor's suckitude) was they retained the original scripts but cut out 5 minutes (20%!) for commercials. The scripts were too tightly written to allow for that and the result was four of the six characters turned into cardboard.

(I never thought Jane was all that important to the show until I saw the terrible Jane in the American version.)

Ah, knowing that about the scripts makes a lot of sense. It's ridiculous how tightly that show was written. And several of those scripts were master classes in how to tell an engaging non-linear story. It was a very innovative show, and not just for its subject matter.

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