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Inclination: A Far Future Novella by William Shunn By the way, in audio publication news, my novella "Inclination" is now available for purchase and download as an audiobook at

      "Inclination" audiobook

I'm not sure I realized that this would be the case, but this de facto also means "Inclination" can be purchased and downloaded from the iTunes Music Store. I stumbled on that bit of intelligence by accident, while checking on my podcast listings at iTunes. Just go to the Store and search on William Shunn.

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How did you find the overall registration/upload process to Audible to be?

Extremely easy, in that I basically mailed them a CD and some cover art.

Hm. Looking now at their requirements for "content partners" and they seem to now require "at least five audio programs that will appeal to a wide audience."

I wonder if that's my fault!

Well if it is, you're already an insider then if they haven't revoked access, and "Sinister Regard" could be an independent audiobook publisher for the folks you've (hypothetically) screwed out of being able to so easily upload to Audible! An interesting strategy to be sure, but perhaps thus begins the Shunn audiobook publishing empire...

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