Old Town


Walking around Old Town, waiting for Laura's Boston marathon training group meeting to let out, distressed at dearth of coffee shops that aren't Starbucks or Einstein Brothers.

Met an 11-year-old, 60-pound wheaten terrier!

Unhappily, realize I am prejudiced against people carrying Bibles. Also, old rich dudes on custom hogs wearing leather slip-on shoes and no socks.

Am relieved the guy in the beautiful suit and hat is talking on cell phone and not to self.

Also, Laura's iPhone kicks my BlackBerry's ass.

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Hmmm, I tend to be prejudiced against people carrying unconcealed Bibles too. If I'm packing (which I often am), it is almost always out of sight. Not because I mind people knowing I am a Christian, but I think there is an assumption that someone with a Bible out in the open is going to use it as a weapon. Lots of dangerous stuff in there to be misunderstood and misused!

Would love to hear more on the Blackberry/iPhone comparison in December!


You strike the crux of why the realization made me unhappy. I know perfectly well that not all Christians are rabid conservatives intent on returning America to the Dark Ages. I'm married to one, for goodness sake. So why do my hackles go up every time I see a Bible unholstered on the street?

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