Happy fourth!

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The actual date was Sunday, but it's never too late to wish [info]ellapup a happy fourth birthday. Here's a shot of Ella reclining in the manner to which she has become accustomed on her back yard throne.

Queen of the Back Yard

We bought her a big rubber treat ball for the glad occasion. It has a sort of simple valve where you insert treats, a maze of chambers inside, and an exit at the opposite pole. The dog bats and rolls the rattling ball around until the treat works its way out the exit. It's a ton of fun.

And here's a picture from the front stoop this morning, with Ella holding tight to her other present:

View from a departure for work

It's name is Weaselmonkey, and it squeaks.

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Bill: Did you receive my last two emails? Not sure if they go through to you. Let me know!

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