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A big cookie lies pulverized in a tight accretion disc in the bus lane of Madison Avenue. Two black (soot-stained?) pigeons peck away at the unbelievable bonanza. Peck peck hop peck.

Cars are coming. A gray sedan bears down. Fly, pigeons! Get out of the way! Pigeons, why can't you hear my telepathic command! CAR!

Black wheels chew up the meters. With an annoyed flutter the pigoens hop aside at the last possible instant, wings a finger's width from rubber mayhem.

Hop hop peck peck peck.

A bus is coming. One-way telepathic communication to pigeons is too stressful. I must turn away.

Ah, so that's why no one is in line at the Starbucks registers. Everyone in the world is waiting in a crowd at the coffee bar.
If we remain at our present level of technology, Future Man will need to evolve a second pair of eyes in the top of his head so as to avoid sidewalk collisions whilst hunched over his BlackBerry. Sonar, at the least.
And how is your Spider-man Week in NYC going? Mine is going just swell, thanks. I wish Spidey would come clean up all his banners, though.
Also spied on the walk around midtown, some Lyndon LaRouche activists manning a table on 34th Street. The best of their posters depicted George Bush as Alfred E. Neuman and read:


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