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I must share part of a letter I've received referring to my podcast and commenting on my many comments therein about scotch:

I'm a Scot living in London and can I first say how much your knowledge of my home country's national drink (Irn Bru excepted of course) shames me? I tend to stick to Talisker myself and very rarely stray from that and a few other tried and tested favourites. Lagavulin—which I think you were drinking with podcast 40—stops me in my tracks. Waaaay too rich for my blood, and I shudder to think that it might be some people's first taste of a malt whiskey. I mean, the way I see it is, there's peat, and then there's Dr Peat's Patented Concentrated Peat Drink, and then beyond that in a place that even peat-eating mammals only talk about in hushed tones there's Lagavulin.
Reading this, I almost sprayed Ardbeg all over the monitor. Which would have been quite the faux pas, it being my office computer.
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