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I am expanding on my answer to Question 11 in the recent Google Image meme, but not because John Klima is trying to shame me into it. Rather, my respect for him is such that I can't stand the thought of him feeling as if he looks like a tool.

If you had asked me 24 hours ago, I would have said my second-place crush was:

Rosario Dawson

That was then, this is now. Call me fickle, but after my Grindhouse outing with the gang last night, I'm afraid Rosario has been pushed down a notch by:

ZoŽ Bell

Turning in a respectable showing as fourth-place crush is:

Pollyanna McIntosh

Pollyanna, who helped class up the low-budget horror flick Headspace immensely, has posted in this very blog, which assures a spot in the top five in perpetuity. (Read about Pollyanna's struggle against the unhealthy demands of the modeling world!)

Feel better, John? ;-)

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