Angels dancing on pinheads, or maybe vice versa

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I suppose I've arrived, in an unfortunate kind of way, when my web site is quoted liberally by a Christian evangelical to support his anti–Mitt Romney, anti-Mormon ravings.

Okay, I suppose he makes some good points (by implication) about Mormon devotion to a "higher cause" and so forth, but I honestly think you could make the same argument about George W. Bush and the "higher father" to which he claims to answer. The question seems to be less about whether Romney (who has not to my knowledge made public statements to this effect, unlike Dubya) would put his religious beliefs above the Constitution than about whether or not the commentator agrees with those beliefs.

I don't want to see Romney elected, but frankly I'd rather have him in office than Bush. And I get so tired of people arguing that Mormons are not Christians, or that they're "anti-Christ." I don't agree with Mormonism, but that's language that's designed only to sow hatred, no matter how deeply it's couched in terms of helping those poor benighted Mormons "who are on the road to hell." Take your hate speech and leave me out of it.

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