Worldcon Saturday and Sunday

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Laura rolled out of bed remarkably early to go for a 17-mile run along the ocean shore, starting at Huntington Beach (part of her marathon training regimen). I took my sweet time getting up, making it down to Starbuck's by maybe 9:30. I sat and chatted with Jim Minz there for a few minutes, then with Brian and Trevor.

Road construction and detours thwarted Laura's attempts to drive back from the beach, but she did make it back in one piece. (And as someone who probably couldn't run half a mile even if a bear were chasing me, I have to say that I am constantly amazed by her ability to run long distances, and proud of her dedication to her training, and I can't wait to see her run the Chicago Marathon.) After a panel or two, we met Cory Doctorow for lunch, and though Alice was unfortunately stuck in traffic and couldn't join us, we had a delightful time of it.

Another panel or two in the afternoon, then a nap, and it was time to join Jim Minz's dinner expedition to Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove. Boy, does Jim have an unerring sense of direction toward excellent Thai food! Our group (and sadly I will leave out a couple of people whose names I've forgotten) included, besides Jim, Laura and I, [info]jlassen and Jason Williams of Night Shade Books, Chris Cohen, and Craig Engler. I intended to eat a very mild plate thanks to some stomach problems, but the cornucopia of great dishes that descended upon the table quickly overcame my resolution not to join in the general sharing. Jeremy and I swapped stories of our harrowing encounters with various North American governments. It was a great time.

Laura and I cut out of dinner a little early with Chris and Craig and sped back to the convention center for the Hugos. We were a little late to the ceremony, arriving just as the Seiun Award presentation was beginning. There were some nice surprises during the ceremony, including David Hartwell's win for best profession editor, and Robert Charles Wilson's win for best novel for Spin (which you should still read immediately if you haven't yet). Disappointing that Cory's "I, Robot" didn't win for best novelette, but one couldn't really argue with an award for Peter S. Beagle.

After the awards, Laura and I dragged Chris and Craig to the Hilton bar to stake out some seats and lay in wait for Greg van Eekhout. We soon sucked other folks past our little event horizon, including Cory, Brian, Trevor, Daryl Gregory (whose excellent story "Second Person, Present Tense" I keep shouting about to anyone who will listen), Paolo and Anjula Bacigalupi (who again were at the other end of the group and I didn't get to talk to), and Tim and Heather (who brought word that Greg was stranded on a tram at Downtown Disney trying to get back to the con). I'm not sure if it was our sparkling personalities or my open tab that kept everyone around, but it sure was fun.

And only got better when Greg and Dr. Lisa arrived. It was great to catch up, and great too to finally lay hands on a copy of Greg's chapbook Show and Tell and Other Stories and have him sign and doodle in it. (That's DOODLE, not DOODIE.) And just in time! The only bummer was that I didn't really get a chance to chat with Lisa.

Laura and I hit the hay long before all the evening's partying was done, though not until after last call in the bar. We sneaked out early the next morning and were frustrated in all our attempts to find a decent place to eat breakfast on the way back to LAX. Our flight was delayed leaving, and then delayed landing. Fortunately it was on Song and we had live TV in our seatbacks. Most of the folks on the plane, given the remarks they were throwing loudly about from within their headphone cocoons, were watching the Emmys. Laura and I watched, among other things, an episode of Life on Mars (my new favorite show) on BBC America.

Home late that night to an ecstatic puppy, shaggier than we remembered, and good to be there.

A shamefully small set of our Worldcon photos is here.

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