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Remember when I was trying to track down screening locations for the new Mike Judge film, Idiocracy? Darel Jevens of the Chicago Sun-Times found one, liked the movie, and says this:

About 20 people were in the theater when I saw "Idiocracy." Just being able to track down the movie despite its stealthy release makes them more nimble-minded than every 26th century clod in the movie, as well as the Fox geniuses so certain that it couldn't be sold....

Chicago is one of only seven cities where "Idiocracy" can be seen. Fox execs are hoping you will skip it, so they can justify their certainty that it was doomed to failure and pat themselves on the back for burying it.

But you're too smart for that.  [full article]

Too bad New York still doesn't seem to be one of the cities on the list. I'd kind of like to buy a ticket to a Chicago screening just to protest the movie's marketing.

(Via Boing Boing.)

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