Greetings from Readercon!

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Yes, here I am at Readercon 17, making a quick post from my lovely hotel room.

I met [info]bobhowe at Logan Airport, each of us having flown their separately, and then we made the quick drive to Burlington together in a rented car. After checking into our rooms, we met in the hotel pub for some lunch and a couple of beers. We also chatted briefly there (and afterward at con registration) with Jeff Ford, Patrick O'Leary, Paul Witcover, and Scott Edelman.

(I had to stop at two beers, considering that I will be reading to an audience of hopefully multiple persons in about 90 minutes.)

At registration I was happy to see that this afternoon's schedule had been rearranged enough that Mary Turzillo and I will be reading consecutively instead of at the same time. Mary is reading at 4:00 pm, and I'm reading at 4:30 pm. If you're here, come on down! At Laura's suggestion, I will be recording my reading to the laptop for my podcast.

(Haven't seen Mary, or any other Blue Heaveners, yet. But I'm keeping my eyes open!)

Bob and I have scored at the freebie table. Paperback copies of Paul Park's A Princess of Roumania are there, as is a stack of what would appear to be genuine, musty-smelling first editions of Norman Spinrad's The Void Captain's Tale. Goooooaaaaalll!

Okay, time to toddle off to a panel.

(Interesting that "Fast Car" is the track that came up when I started playing music here. I'm having dinner with Geoff Landis and Mary Turzillo tonight, among other Clarion '85ers, and Tracey Chapman's mother sang at their wedding a few years ago.)

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