The Postal Service's idea of a joke

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So I looked online to find out which post office is closest to my new office. Then I set out through the heavy Queens-Midtown Tunnel–bound traffic to walk there. I needed to get there by 5:00 to put a story in the mail.

Turns out that the post office I chose is basically a garage. No consumer services. Thanks,! Don't worry, though, I still made it to the one on 34th Street in time.

I'm usually a completely paranoid pedestrian, but on my little walk around midtown I stepped in front of a cab. Good thing he didn't feel like running over me! Don't need a sequel to last night's excitement.

I returned to discover that the men's room key is missing. All the men in the office were accounted for, so someone probably left it in the men's room. I can't throw stones. It could have been I.

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