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Laura reined my fuckin' attention around to this screed from those well-favored cocksuckers at Salon. The string of fuckin' words that sets my heart, and the lady's, to dancin' a fuckin' jig goes thus:

That said, and while I'm not normally a partisan in territorial rivalries, I'm no bought-out cocksucker either, one who'll lift her skirt to remain in the good graces of a reckless capitalist as forward-looking as a dog next to a plate of unattended gizzards. Thus I'd be remiss if I didn't strongly encourage the rest of you to cancel HBO as soon as the fine third season of "Deadwood" has concluded, so that those big-city fucks might feel their position weakening.  [full fuckin' article]
A-fuckin'-men, and don't let the cocksuckers tell you otherwise.
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