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Everyone and his dog has probably seen this cut-and-paste job of Bushy reciting the lyrics to "Sunday Bloody Sunday," but I hadn't, and it cheered me greatly this morning when [info]nitewanderer sent it to me:

This week is officially Work Hell. I have worked at least fourteen hours and been here until past eleven p.m. each the past three days. And yes, you're counting right—that includes Sunday. It's what happens when an Irresistible Project meets an Immovable Deadline. I can't see straight.

And this morning when I arrived at work, I realized that I had accidentally turned off my home computer—which is also my private music server, and lets me listen to any of my 42,000+ tracks from the comfort of any broadband connection. It's also the only thing that gets me through some of these infernal office days. I have texted the dogwalker, though, and he has agreed to turn the computer on for me when he arrives this afternoon. Whew! I need my fix, man!

And speaking of the odd sights of Manhattan—I'm not sure exactly why, but there are live actors in the windows of the HSBC Bank on Fifth Avenue at 39th Street. One tableau features a painter in his studio. One features a beauty queen who has apparently just won a pageant. And one features a couple of face-painted sports fans watching a game in their rec room. I would prefer to be one of the sports fans, because I think the other two actors would get very lonely, not to mention hot with the sun shining through the glass.

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