Jesus H. Fuck on a pogo stick

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This has really not been a good week. I blame Work Hell for my temporal dislocation. And for turning me into a complete asshat.

I woke up this morning thinking: "Prince! At Bryant Park! This morning! Yay!"

But then in the shower, I thought: "Wait, Prince is on June 15th. Today is June 16th. I worked until 2 a.m. Wednesday, then slept in through the whole thing Thursday morning. Fuck! Fuck fuck FUCK!"

So I dawdled at home, took the subway to my usual stop, Bryant Fucking Park, and walked to work from there.

Then I started poking around on line, prodded by a review of the Maceo Parker performace at Celebrate Brooklyn that [info]steelbrassnwood brought to my attention. "Hey, wait a second," I thought. "The dates here don't add up."

Right. FUCK! I'm such an asshat.

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