Where's the beef? In my bread basket!

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Oh, beef! Why must you be so irresistible, yet so heavy in the belly? Why must a dry rub accentuate your smoky, mouth-watering flavors so? Why must you go well with bourbon and black porter? Why must you always toy with my affections? Beef, I hate myself for loving you!

Bill in front of Dinosaur BBQ, NYC

Yes, last night Laura and I joined our friends Lisa and Joy for an excursion to Harlem for a bacchanal at Dinosaur BBQ. Lisa has posted details and more photos from the sinful evening, but I must add that I have long heard Dinosaur's praises sung by friends from upstate, where it originated, but never in my life did I imagine the reality could live up to the hype. We are fortunate indeed that Dinosaur BBQ has graced our fair city with its presence.

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