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The brilliant little blog One Simple Question got me thinking about the questions I kept wanted Bob Schieffer to ask during last night's debate:

  • Mr. President, you were a C- student in economics at Harvard. What in the world makes you think you're qualified to talk about economics here, let alone set economic policy for the richest nation in the world?
  • Mr. President, surely you've reviewed the transcript of the September 30th debate many times. Can you explain why you and your cronies are still harping on this "global test" nonsense when Senator Kerry clearly stated in that same answer that he would never give foreign nations veto power over America's defensive decisions?
  • Mr. President, you've made an impressive amount of noise this evening about the fact that you support a culture of life, but you've failed to answer the question of "Why?" Can you explain the reasoning behind your position to the American people?
  • Mr. President, when you rail against activist judges taking decision-making power out of the hands of the people, do you ever feel a twinge of irony considering what body finally bestowed the presidency on you? Can you even define the word "irony"?
  • Mr. President, what is the last book, other than the Bible, that you have read? Would you recommend it to American readers? Why or why not? The Fart Book does not count.
Instead, we got that insipid question about strong women, which let Schieffer inflate his own importance and end the debate on a note of touchy-feely lovefesty fuzziness.
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