An infernal machine

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Hey, Bob, speaking of choking on my lunch, this passage from Roger Ebert's Sun-Times review of "I ♥ Huckabees" got me too:

The movie is like an infernal machine that consumes all of the energy it generates, saving the last watt of current to turn itself off. It functions perfectly within its constraints, but it leaves the viewer out of the loop. This may be the first movie that can exist without an audience between the projector and the screen. It falls in its own forest, and hears itself. It's the kind of movie that would inspire a Charlie Kaufman screenplay about how it couldn't be made. The director and co-writer is David O. Russell, who made the brilliant "Three Kings" and the quirky "Flirting with Disaster," and now ... well, he has made this. God knows he's courageous.
I quote this also by way of pointing out that Ebert's long-promised new web site,, is now available. The cool thing is that it has a searchable archive of all his Sun-Times reviews going back to 1967. Until now, the archive of his reviews only went back to 1985. Two thumbs up!
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