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I was just over at, signing up to join The Glenlivet Society. I've joined a few of these single-malt scotch societies online—which, honestly, are nothing more than fancy marketing campaigns—but the cool thing about this one is that as a member you can get free customized Glenlivet labels to put on gift bottles.

There's also an offer of free leather coasters, and whilst I was signing up for those I happened to note the "Offer Details" at the bottom of the page. The very first sentence?

Offer not valid in Utah.
Oh, well, not like it affects me. And thanks to Stuart Piltch, friend in single-malts, for putting me onto the Society in the first place.
In other scotch news, Laura and I managed to meet up with Andrew and Stephanie at Kebab Cafe Sunday night for Egyptian food and birthday presents. Both Andrew and I had birthdays in the middle of August, but this was the first chance to get together. (And there are other birthday celebrations with other folks out there that are still on hold, thanks to the damn work schedule—but soon!)

Anyway, Andrew and Steph brought me a lovely bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail, an Islay single-malt I hadn't heard of. Well, I've heard of it now. We opened it right there, and Ali joined us in more than one birthday toast. The Ardbeg was scintillating and smoky, very active. Andrew and Steph don't drink much scotch, but the Ardbeg made Andrew think he should. At his first taste, he sat right up and exclaimed, "Wow! Alive on my tongue!" I'm not making this up.

All in all, a terrific and thoughtful gift!

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