R.I.P. Hell's Belle

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Hell's Belle is dead and living in Austin.

Hell's Belle a/k/a Delia Pain Yes, sadly, it has been discovered that a roller-derby chick in another city has already taken the name Hell's Belle and has prior claim. This was missed in the original title search, and meant Laura had to come up with a new moniker.

We'd been thinking the matter over, and coming up with nothing but lame alternatives, for several days when Laura posed the problem to our friend Jim last Friday evening. By Saturday morning he had handed Laura the solution:

Delia Pain
It was a unanimous winner.

R.I.P. Hell's Belle—we hardly knew ye. And look out, 'cause Delia Pain is coming to kick your Texas ass.

See Gotham Girls Roller Derby, who are still in the practicing and fundraising stages but hope to be competing in public next month.
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