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A couple more temple-tour accounts have come to my attention. Fascinating reading, to see the experience from so many different viewpoints.

First, this one, from the discussion boards at

The first thing I realized as the tour began was that this was not going to be an interactive tour. The whole point was to get us in and out with the message they wanted us to hear before we could notice any oddities and so all we would remember was what a nice, quiet building it was, with so many cheery, helpful, people. You are invited to think about this and ponder that, but questions are NOT encouraged; there were no chances to do ask. To do so you would have literally had to interrupt your handler’s presentation. They give their message; questions can only come afterwards when others in the group won't hear.  [more]
And second, this one, from LJ blogger [info]alphistia:
Once inside the building though, I felt like I was on the Starship Enterprise, Mormon-style. The place was loaded with Mormons of all ages, all with name-tags. Some of them were effusively smiling, others slightly suspicious of these infidels in their midst. Of course to be wearing a tag meant you were the truest of true believers. For a moment, I wasn’t quite sure who were the "aliens". In any case, the contrast to the chaos outside on Broadway and the controlled activity inside was startling.  [more]
Bilmo says check 'em out.
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