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For some reason, I've been more prone to paper cuts lately than usual. A lot more. Two nights ago I was sorting through the mail, separating ours from the stuff for the folks upstairs, when I accidentally slid the edge of a magazine across the webbing between the third and fourth fingers on my left hand. I think my wedding ring helped guide the incision, because the edge of my ring aligns perfectly with it.

That one bled like crazy, but it wasn't as bad as the one I got the week before. I had a manuscript in my shoulder bag. I reached in for a book and sliced two of my fingers on the manuscript, just below the cuticles. There was one diagonal cut on my pinky but three neat red slits running parallel to one another on my ring finger. I looked pretty funny the rest of that week, typing with two bandages around the tips of fingers on my right hand.

I now view reading material with suspicion. I wonder if George W. had a similar experience.

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