Inhuman Swill : October 2003

The guy reading Maxim and moving his lips.

But maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt. He looked like a low-level Russian mobster, so maybe he was just brushing up on his English.

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From Teresa Nielsen Hayden, this link to:

Mormonism: The Gathering

Now take your hand off your little factory and step away from the cards.

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Say, if I haven't mentioned it yet (and I promised to), the December issue of Realms of Fantasy, containing my short story "Divided by Time," is out and available on newsstands. (More info.)

This time the Union Square Barnes & Noble was carrying more copies than last time. I bought all but two. I can only assume that they upped their order for this issue owing to the fact that I bought them out of the previous issue. I wonder what will happen when they up the order again for next time and the sales revert to normal?

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The whole world's an open book

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This new feature at Amazon that lets you search on the complete text of a book is just the tiniest bit scary....

Search on my name.

Click into the excerpts that pop up. Theoretically you could read a whole book at Amazon and never pay for it. Explain to me again how this is different from file sharing? Oh, yeah, because it's the publisher devaluing the author's work instead of lawless criminals at home.

Maybe it's not that dire a development, but I can't help but feel a prickle on the back of my neck as I play with this feature.

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Elliott Smith, RIP

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Singer Elliott Smith Dead at 34.

In an apparent suicide.

I don't know what to say. I don't suppose, looking at his work, that this should really be a shock, but cynical and depressive as his music was, he seemed to have the humor and self-awareness to handle the vicissitudes of semi-notoriety. Not enough to handle his own traitorous brain chemistry, though. I'll miss him, and I can only hope that the number of other people who will is higher than Elliott might have thought.

(Thanks to Laura for the link.)

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Kill Mom

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We saw Kill Bill, Vol. 1 on Saturday night with several friends. The most harrowing moment came just as The Bride was waking up from her coma—as she was reliving the attack at her wedding in her mind's eye one more time. A small, plaintive, terrified voice rang out clearly through the Brooklyn theater:

"Mommy, I don't want to see this movie."

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Don't you get it, lady?

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When I'm standing inside the door of the subway, and you stand up well before we arrive for your stop, then say "Excuse me" in that fucking haughty way when we reach your stop—where can I go? You're blocking me from going anywhere! If you'd waited a bit I could have gotten out of your way, while people started shifting around, before I was in it. As it is, I either have to squeeze flat against the railing or step out of the car to get out of your way—where, of course, there are about a million idiots like you blocking the doors trying to get on. I mean, Jesus, use your fucking head. It's there for more than just to decorate with makeup, your highness.

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"Divided by Time"

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Realms of Fantasy - December 2003
I've received my contributor's copies of the December 2003 issue of Realms of Fantasy, which contains my short story "Divided by Time." My name made the cover again (!), which this time out features a still of Viggo Mortenson from The Return of the King. My mother will be relieved, I'm sure.

I'll holler when the issue shows up on newsstands.

Update: Hey, they've actually updated the Realms web site! Though their quests are still "herioc."

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