Inhuman Swill : September 2003

Silver tide or silver lining?

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So the agent suggests the author trim and revise his novel. The author revises the first half of the book and send it to the agent with an outline of the other changes. The agent send the revised half and outline to the editor.

A year goes by, or close enough.

The editor contacts the agent. He's 150 pages in, has some reservations but wants to see the second half of the book. If we get it right to him, he could finish reading by World Fantasy.

Problem: the author, waiting for word, never revised the second half of the manuscript. D'oh!

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Oh, what a tangled Web we weave

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Did the Web encourage Chuck Palahniuk to out himself too hastily?

A story so funny it's sad, or vice versa. Or does it even fucking matter?!

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Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour

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Laura and I rode in the Multiple Sclerosis NYC Bike Tour on Sunday. We chose the 60-mile route, expressly so we could ride through the Lincoln Tunnel.

We started in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan at 7:30 am. The weather was gray and misty, and the forecast was for rain all day. We were released in stages onto the beginning of FDR Drive which runs up the east side of Manhattan. The FDR was completely shut down northbound, as was the Harlem River Drive. As the island narrowed we were shunted over to 10th Avenue, where we rode all the way to north to 218th Street or so. Then we cycled south to the Henry Hudson Parkway and the West Side Highway, which were shut down for us southbound.

In the 40s, the 60-milers and 100-milers were shunted over to the Lincoln Tunnel. (The 30-milers continued south, as they were almost done.) A group of us at a time was released into the Tunnel approach, where police examined our backpacks. Then we entered the Tunnel itself—a glorious zip downhill which soon had us burning along faster than we could pedal even in our highest gears, with plenty of speed left over at the bottom to help us up the far slope. The Tunnel was over far faster than we wished, and then there was a rest stop with water and bananas and muffins before we tackled New Jersey.

This is where my geography gets a little vague, but we cycled north on city-ish streets (where Laura and I collided when I braked hard to avoid being hit by a Mercedes who for some reason wanted to go through a green light) until we entered a gorgeous state park with spectacular cliff views of the Hudson and brutal uphill stretches. Most of the bikers, including us, walked their bikes up at least one of the hills, which was about a mile long.

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