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More on Clarion. It's pleasant to hear the the MSU administration is "rattled," though what that means to the survival of the workshop is unclear.

This from the SFWA Online Update that arrives from time to time:

Near the first of the month, Michigan State University revealed that it intended to discontinue its funding for Clarion, the long-running workshop for prospective science fiction and fantasy writers. A letter from MSU's administration blamed budget reductions from the state for forcing them to cut support for some programs "in order to protect quality in core areas."

This is not the first time Clarion's funding has been threatened, but it is the most serious instance yet. A surge of messages supporting Clarion, from authors and readers, has reached the heads of the university. Doctor Lister Matheson, director of the Clarion workshop, reports that the university is "rattled" by the volume of e-mail supporting Clarion.

The online magazine Infinite Matrix, at http://www.infinitematrix.net is helping to organize the response to Michigan State University's decision. Much relevant information, including mailing addresses and suggested information to include, is available there.

Who knows? This campaign just might work.

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