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From: "Chris Minh" <>
Subject: Inhuman swill
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 09:37:37 +0800

I've been reading some things on your website: Inhuman swill, Mormon matter, missionary man etc. One of the most interesting was your ignominious deportment while you were a Mormon missionary in Canada especially that of Flight 789. Shame on you; they should have given you 100 years without parole. I'm not Mormon, and certainly would never be a member of that cult, but this appears to be where you leaned your nastiness. You really are the height of your inhuman swill. It's difficult to believe such things as you really exist. I once heard a description of someone that really fits you: lower than whale shit, and you just can't get any lower than that. Someone told me to tell you to "get off the earth," before the insects eat you. Gawd, you're the worst. But I guess you like that kind of reputation. Guys like you thrive on it. What really bothers us is that your crap on the Net is bound to influence some with weak minds, those who can't think for themselves, and might even believe your filth.

Advice: Get of the earth inhuman swill. Vanish/disappear. Hopefully you will self-destruct--and the sooner the better.

Signed: A member of the human race.

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