Bowling for Columbine

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Laura and I went to see Bowling for Columbine last night. It was emotional and harrowing on a level that Michael Moore films haven't reached before. Highly recommended.

But during the movie, the couple seated next to my left (with an empty seat between us) just would not shut up, even after I did what I hate and shushed them like a schoolmarm. What's more, they were sort of twisted around in their seats so they could lie in each other's arms, and they had to shift around every few minutes, kicking the seats in the process with vibrations that could be felt all down the row. It distressed me no end that we were watching a movie about gun violence and all I wanted to do was shoot the people beside me.

The irksome couple didn't stay through the credits, like Laura and I did. As we were leaving our row, someone coming up the aisle pointed to the floor at my feet and asked, "Did you drop your keys?"

Well, I hadn't and Laura hadn't, but I found the idea that Buffy and Skip might get home and find themselves locked out mighty satisfying.

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