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Reasonable-sounding shit (that's the only word for it) like this gives me genuine hope for the timeliness of my book, if not for the state of the human race. The fact that this man believes he is being rational turns my stomach. If this is not the most offensive thing anyone has ever said to me, then surely it ranks in the top three:

Elder Shunn—

I came across your website by accident a few weeks ago and was surprised to find such a detailed account of your mission and experiences. (I had initially heard about the episode while I was on my mission in England, but never learned anything more about it and assumed that the story was just another Mormon myth). After finding your website, I went ahead and printed the entire account and took it with me on a recent business trip—from which I have just recently returned.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed reading about your experiences and was very impressed with your writing style and ability to articulate feelings that only a 19 year old missionary could fully appreciate. Saying that, I was also very disturbed by how it all ended—and what you seemed to learn from the whole experience.

At the end of the story, you used your experience with "bombs" as a metaphor for what people should consider, before planting their own bombs in the lives of other people. I believe that your story, and especially the masterful way in which you tell it and draw conclusions from the whole experience—is a much more sophisticated and dangerous bomb than any physical one.

The September 11th terrorist bombing wiped out the physical existence of ~5,000 people in downtown New York City. I wonder how often you think about the tens of thousands of lives your website has the potential to impact each and everyday with your bottom-line message and the spiritual bomb that it carries.

Please understand that this is not meant to be "hate mail," nor is it the utterings of someone who lacks confidence in himself or his faith and must now come to the rescue of his "shaken testimony" by attempting to "save" someone else.

I just wanted to let you know how I feel—and that unlike Korihor, this is one bomb you still have time to diffuse [sic].


Jason Scott Earl
Santa Barbara, CA

Someone's making a beeline for "Postmarked: Clueless."

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