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Inhuman Swill : April 2001

Last day

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Today is my last day at CTW. I am laid off as of the end of the day. I'm rather sad. I'm wearing my Fucked Company t-shirt.

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Bean. Mister Bean.

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I caught a little of Never Say Never Again on TBS or TNT or some station like that the other night. I was a little startled to see Kim Basinger in it, but not so startled as to see Rowan Atkinson playing the role of one Mr., er, Small-Fawcett, a fellow with the British embassy in the Bahamas. I kept waiting to see if I were really watching Black Adder V....

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Gluttons for Punishment

The only significant way in which Snow and I ever got the better of Roper and Steed was with their nicknames. I don't remember which of us thought this up, but if we ever wanted to rile up the sisters, we just called them Doper and Weed and watched their hackles rise. Though they tried and tried, they could never come up with nicknames as good for us.

There were other times when Snow and I thought we'd gotten the upper hand, but inevitably we'd have the rug yanked out from under us. On one memorable occasion, we beat the sisters fair and square and still they had the last laugh, without even planning it that way.

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