In the box below, enter a string containing 7 unique letters. All letters should be lowercase.

To indicate a specific letter that must appear in every result, please enter it in uppercase. For instance, the string mtaNvep would produce a list in which every result contains the letter N. (If more than one letter is uppercase, all uppercase letters will be ignored.)

You can enter a string longer than 7 characters so long as it contains exactly 7 unique characters. For instance, the string Flashbulbs would be valid because it contains only the letters A, B, F, H, L, S and U. Spaces or other non-alphabetic characters will be ignored.

By default, the result list will exclude words known to be disallowed from the daily online New York Times Spelling Bee. If you see words in the list that aren't accepted in today's puzzle, it's probably because our daily analysis is still pending. (Please note that this page does not track the weekly print version of the Spelling Bee.)

A perfect pangram is one that exactly 7 letters long. A bingo occurs when the results include words beginning with all 7 letters in the hive. (These terms are ones used by players in the comments section of the Times Wordplay blog.)

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