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Alternative Pop/Rock
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HELLO      1995   find on Spotify
by Poe
HELLO NASTY      1998   find on Spotify
by Beastie Boys
HELPLESSNESS BLUES      2011   find on Spotify
by Fleet Foxes
HENRY'S DREAM      1992   find on Spotify
by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
HERE      1994   find on Spotify
by Adrian Belew
HERE BEFORE      2011   find on Spotify
by The Feelies
HERETIC PRIDE      2008   find on Spotify
by The Mountain Goats
HIGH/LOW      1996   find on Spotify
by Nada Surf
HIGH VIOLET      2010   find on Spotify
by The National
C HINDSIGHT 1980-1987      1988   find on Spotify
by The Church
HINDU LOVE GODS      1990   find on Spotify
by Hindu Love Gods
HOLLY & THE ITALIANS      1982   find on Spotify
by Holly Beth Vincent
C+ HOLLYWOOD & VINE      1995   find on Spotify
by Various Artists
HOLOGRAM OF BAAL      1998   find on Spotify
by The Church
D HOMEGROWN: THE WASP STAR HOME DEMOS      2001   find on Spotify
by XTC
by XTC
HOMOGENIC      1997   find on Spotify
by Björk
HOREHOUND      2009   find on Spotify
by The Dead Weather
i HORSEPOWER      1999   find on Spotify
by Squatweiler
X HOT ANIMAL MACHINE      1987   find on Spotify
by Henry Rollins
THE HOT ROCK      1999   find on Spotify
by Sleater-Kinney
HOUNDS OF LOVE      1985   find on Spotify
by Kate Bush
THE HOUR OF BEWILDERBEAST      2000   find on Spotify
by Badly Drawn Boy
THE HOUSE THAT DIRT BUILT      2009   find on Spotify
by The Heavy
M HOW DID THEY DO THAT?      2005   find on Spotify
by Bill Shunn
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 i = incomplete album;  C = single-artist collection;  C+ = multi-artist collection;  D = demo collection;  M = homemade mix disc;  X = re-release with extra tracks

IMPORTANT NOTE:  "The Completely Insane Music Collection" represents an index of the contents of Bill Shunn and Laura Chavoen's CD collection and nothing else. Artists are listed herein only insofar as their work is represented in that collection. These pages neither claim nor attempt to represent an exhaustive catalog of the recorded performances of those artists. In other words, if all an artist's appearances on CD don't show up here, that's because we don't own them all and not for any other reason. Furthermore, we have no additional information about the artists listed herein, no intention of ever posting any, and no personal connection to them of any kind. We cannot put visitors to this site in contact with them, so please don't ask. We will only make fun of you if you do. In addition, we cannot offer advice on the availability of any given album, nor can we sell it to you or otherwise help you obtain a copy. For the most comprehensive music database available on the Web, please visit AllMusic.com.
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