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45 ALL THE NEGATIVES HAVE BEEN DESTROYED      1996   find on Spotify
by Spoon
S PASTE MAGAZINE NEW-MUSIC SAMPLER, ISSUE 49: DECEMBER 2008/JANUARY 2009      2008   find on Spotify
by Paste Magazine
WEIRD ERA CONT.      2008   find on Spotify
by Deerhunter
MICROCASTLE      2008   find on Spotify
by Deerhunter
DIG OUT YOUR SOUL      2008   find on Spotify
by Oasis
THE RENAISSANCE      2008   find on Spotify
by Q-Tip
GRINDERMAN      2007   find on Spotify
by Grinderman
by David Byrne & Brian Eno
RETURN OF THE CANDYMAN      1998   find on Spotify
by Charlie Hunter and Pound for Pound
REMIND ME IN 3 DAYS...      2008   find on Spotify
by The Knux
(WHAT'S THE STORY) MORNING GLORY?      1995   find on Spotify
by Oasis
FUNHOUSE      2008   find on Spotify
by Pink
RADIOLARIANS I      2008   find on Spotify
by Medeski Martin and Wood
EVERYTHING IS BORROWED      2008   find on Spotify
by The Streets
PINK FLAG      1977   find on Spotify
by Wire
CHAIRS MISSING      1978   find on Spotify
by Wire
154      1979   find on Spotify
by Wire
RECEIVERS      2008   find on Spotify
by Parts and Labor
i T.N.T.      1975   find on Spotify
by AC/DC
i HIGH VOLTAGE      1975   find on Spotify
by AC/DC
DIG, LAZARUS, DIG!!!      2008   find on Spotify
by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
LET THERE BE ROCK      1977   find on Spotify
by AC/DC
DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP      1976   find on Spotify
by AC/DC
L LIVE      2008   find on Spotify
by Brad Mehldau Trio & Larry Grenadier & Jeff Ballard
BLACK ICE      2008   find on Spotify
by AC/DC
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 i = incomplete album;  45 = single;  L = live album;  S = sampler

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