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Beards in action

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Glowing eyes Oh, you know what I mean. I hope.

Even though in this photo I'm only sitting around reading a manuscript for this week's workshop (hi, [info]gtrout!), the beard is there patiently growing and doing its work.

Ella on the assist!

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Ella (accompanied by her pal Casey) demonstrates her rebounding technique.

Twelve months of Ella

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Our close friend [info]ellapup has a 2006 calendar for sale. Check it out, and maybe pick up a copy and help her feel a little better about herself.

At last, captured by hidden camera, we can confirm who it is that's been reading our books while we're out.

She's fierce.

Nothing but teeth and fur

I wonder if dogs get ice headaches.

Queen of the Haight

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Ella, Queen of the Haight Ella, feelin' groovy....

Ella, stalking the wild basketball Ella, closing in for the kill...

When Laura and I are out walking Ella and a kid asks us what kind of dog she is, sometimes we say, "She's not a dog, she's a bear!"

Nyla is Ella's neighbor from upstairs. They battled evildoers and a red rubber ball in the back yard yesterday evening.

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